XTRIM Wrist Support for Men & Women, Wrist Band for Gym Wrist Wrap/Straps Gym Accessories for Men for Hand Grip & Wrist Support Crepe Bandage While Workout & Muscle Relaxation…

Reduce the risk of arms injuries with the amazing Xtrim Wrist Wraps!
Xtrim Unisex wrist support provides the necessary compression and unparalleled levels of support to mobilize your wrists as required. Wrap them around as tight or loose as needed for your desired level of restriction without cutting off blood circulation or causing pain from stiff and rough edges.
What are wrist wraps?

  • A wrist support band for men & women has an elastic and durable material that used to be wrapped around your wrist with a help of hook and loop closure.
  • They are intended to be worn during exercises where a large weight load places the joints and connective tissue under a great deal of stress such as squats.
  • Wrist supports for men and women are typically worn by competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use: No complicated buckles, no instructions needed, just one simple closure system and you’re ready to lift!
  • Extra-strong & comfortable: Made of extra strong fastener material, the training wrist wrap for women is easy to strap up, effortless to release as soon as the exercise is completed, and exceptionally comfortable on the working limb.

Material: Wrist support bands are made of highly elastic, sports-grade nylon with a simple closure system, hence can fit all adult sizes easily
Ergonomic Design: The design helps to perform heavy-duty weight training, ranging from pull-ups, Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, chin-ups to cross-training
Durability & Stability: The sports-grade material of the bands ensures longer durability and provides optimum support, protection, and stability to the wrists during heavy weightlifting sessions
All-round Protection: Reduces the risk of wrist joint injury and ensures speedy recovery of injuries
Package Inclusions: 2Nos. Wrist Bands

Boldfit Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener, Hand Gripper for Men & Women for Gym Workout Hand Exercise Equipment to Use in Home for Forearm Exercise Finger Exercise Power Gripper

From the manufacturer

Boldfit Hand gripBoldfit Hand grip

Stay on Top with Boldfit Adjustable Handgrip.

Hand gripper for menHand gripper for men

Hand grip for gymHand grip for gym

Train as hard as you can with the maximum comfort and support from the ergonomically designed grips.


Train your forearms, wrists and fingers the right way with maximum comfort with the Boldfit Handgrip. Ergonomically designed for the perfect fit any hand size ensures a stronger grip, engaging muscles that are harder to target. Take it everywhere and get stronger from the gym to the office.


Boldfit hand gripBoldfit hand grip

Hand gripper 60kgHand gripper 60kg

Hand gripper 40kgHand gripper 40kg

Gym Hand gripper Gym Hand gripper

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or a pro, adjust the resistance to best meet your gain needs with a simple twist of the knob.

At the turn of a knob get the perfect resistance for the perfect gain all thanks to the adjustable resistance on the Boldfit Handgrip. .

Train as hard as you can with the maximum comfort and support from the ergonomically designed grips.

Hand gripHand grip

Durable grip handle ergonomically designed to make sure your get the most out of your workouts with the Handgrip. Stainless steel spring that ensures smooth workouts for the best results. The lightweight material is perfect for portability, and stays in the best shape with no rust build-up. Say hello to sweaty sessions.

ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE : You Can Adjust Resistance Of Your Hand Gripper From 10-40 Kgs As Per Requirements. Also Its Easy And Fast To Do So.
COMFORTABLE HANDLE : Handle Is Comfortable To Hold And Made From Non-slip Material. Hence It Will Give You Extra Grip And Comfort While Exercise
FOREARM & FINGER EXERCISE EQUIPMENT : Boldfit Hand Grip Strengthener Is Useful In Forearm/wrist Workout As Well As In Finger Exercise.
DURABLE : Quality Material Used In Boldfit Handgrip Exerciser E.g. Spring Made From Staleness Steel, Quality Non- Slip Material Used On Handles. Overall Its “Made For Bold”,Made For Last Long.
GYM AND HOME USE : Boldfit Hand Grip Excerciser Is Suitable In Gym And Home Use As Well As For Men And Women. It Is Easy To Use And Easy To Handle Is Well.

Bodyband Hand Grip Workout Strengthener, Adjustable Hand Gripper for Men & Women for Gym Workout Hand Exercise Equipment to Use in Home for Forearm Exercise, Finger Power Gripper

hand gripper
ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE : Hand gripper 40 kg is easy to adjust the resistance from 10-40Kgs as needs. The hand Gripper is suitable for everyone, like Athletes, sports, fitness coaches, fitness, musicians and people who want to exercise their hand, wrist and fingers. Also its easy and fast to do so. The resistance of hand grips for strength training is perfect for both men and women with different strength as it can be adjusted easily.
COMFORTABLE HANDLE : Arm exercise equipment men is comfortable to hold and made from non-slip material. Gym hand grip holds your hands to keep from slipping during the workout exercise, and protects your hands from pain. You can feel the hand grip sticks on you hands. The size of the gripper is optimized for the general handle length of hand grips, so it’s available to wrap and use onto all types of hand grips. Hence it will give you extra grip and comfort while exercise.
FOREARM & FINGER EXERCISE EQUIPMENT : Our hand grip strengthener is useful in forearm/wrist workout as well as in finger exercise. To gain a good grip strength, you should do hand grip workout with a low resistance on a regular basis. Perfect for improving power and flexibility of forearm, wrists, fingers, hand ,and muscle building. Excellent for recovery of hand injury.
DURABLE : Quality material used in handgrip exerciser e.g. spring made from high quality staleness steel, quality non- slip material used on handles. The grip strengthener, made of the latest upgraded material, has a longer handle than others, which is more convenient for you to hold; in addition, the handle material is strong and durable, which perfectly avoids the problem of the handle breaking during exercise.
GYM AND HOME USE : Our hand grip for gym is suitable in gym and home use as well as for men and women, it is easy to use and easy to handle is well. Exercise anywhere, anytime you want; you can use in your home, office, car, fitness club, and even in a library. Completely silent operation allows you to strengthen your hand grip and exercise your forearms and wrist without detection. You don’t need to carry various kinds of hand grip, only one hand grip strengthener you need.

Boldfit Cotton Wrist Band for Men & Women, Wrist Supporter for Gym Wrist Wrap/Straps Gym Accessories for Men for Hand Grip & Wrist Support While Workout & Muscle Relaxation

From the manufacturer


Boldfit’s pro-quality wrist wraps for men & women deliver superior support, durability, and style so you can eliminate pain in your wrists, and get WAY more from your workouts by training harder, for longer.

WRIst wrapWRIst wrap

Wrist band for gymWrist band for gym

Our wrist wraps feature a wide elastic strap providing the wrist support and stability you need while performing heavy lifts. Our length wrap allows a wide range of desired tension adjustments for the perfect compression every time.

Special Fabric gives you a smooth and soft feel Special Knitted design Anti-Slip Wear

We believe that in order to do good, you have to feel good about yourself, and so at Boldfit, we designed these wrist wraps to give overall support to your wrists. Wear these wraps during your gym sessions, while you are lifting, or cycling to relax your upper body in the process.

Improve strength, stability, support, and form. Reduce pressure on your wrist joints. Improve your confidence to lift more weights safely. Increase your focus and your rep count.

wrist support for gym exercisewrist support for gym exercise

The more you can protect the tendon and muscles in your forearms and grip, the more weight you will be able to safely move. Use them for greater wrist stability anytime you are pressing or going overhead during weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, and Strongman training.


wristband for gymwristband for gym

wrist wrap for gymwrist wrap for gym

Our wrist bands will truly make a difference in your training. Wrist wraps can boost your strength during heavy presses or overhead activity. You’ll instantly feel the difference once tightly adjusted.

We only use the best and strongest material for our knee straps. Our top-grade Velcro secures strong and doesn’t pop loose mid-set. We double zig-zag stitch our Velcro, ensuring it doesn’t tear from the elastic. Durable, lightweight, and good-looking!

These wrist protector wraps your wrists with just the right amount of compression to keep swelling to a minimum and allow injuries to heal faster. Great for pain relief from sprained minor wrists injuries, and more. Put compression where you need it and let the healing process begin!

wrist support for gymwrist support for gym

We’re sure there’s a good chance you’re wondering if these Wrist Wraps with Thumb Loops will actually deliver good results. Start wearing our Bold Wrist Wraps for every gym or workout session you will notice a great results. Our Wrist Wraps are designed to ensure your health stands out. Boldfit is here to change what fitness and health stand for by taking care of your every need.

PERFECT ACCESSORY FOR TRAINING: Whether you’re just getting into working out or are a seasoned weight lifter these gym band are for you, wrap them around as tight or loose as needed for your desired level of restriction without cutting of circulation or causing pain from stiff, rough edges. Our gym hand grip are perfect for strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, cross training or specific exercises like bench press, shoulder press, clean and jerk, and other push movements.
STRONG PROTECTION WRAP: Gym straps adjustable design allows it to contour to the unique shape of your wrists, strong support and comfortable. With gentle compression, this wrist brace can strongly protect and stabilize your wrist in working out. Without excess belt or band, it’s super easy to wear and fits either left hand or right hand and it’s suitable for kids & adult, men & women.
TRAIN HARDER & LIFT MORE: These wrist band for women protectors are made of high quality cotton and elastic that will contour around your wrists, securing them in a neutral position, improving your form. Our hand grip for gym proprietary elastic will provide unparalleled levels of support to immobilize your wrist as needed .This will significantly reduce tension on your wrist joints allowing you to feel more confident, so you can train harder & execute more efficiently.
QUALITY MATERIAL & FINE STITCHING: Lightweight and breathable polyester material keeps the discomfort at bay caused by sweating during exercise, together with reinforced fine stitching, it is also machine washable. The strong thumb loops keep the wrist strap in place so you can fully concentrate on your workouts instead of worrying if the wrist straps will come off. This wrist wrap for gym is highly elastic, and non-odor, high sweat uptake fiber helps to keep skin dry and breathable.
REACH YOUR GOAL FASTER: These gym wrist support for men will help take pressure off your wrist and redirect it to your targeted muscles, allowing you to focus on your workout & maximize your performance at the gym. As a result, this will ultimately lead to noticeable gains in a shorter period of time. Designed for athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, jumper, cycling, squatting, weightlifting etc. At the same time, applies to editing job on the computer for a long time, working, driving, carrying and so on.