ALITMUN ProCare Latex Examination Hand Gloves, Pack of 100, Large Size, Medical Disposable Gloves Non-Sterile and Less Powdered, White, Surgical Gloves

Product Description

Alitmun GlovesAlitmun Gloves

latex examination gloveslatex examination gloves

Alitmun Latex Exam Gloves are durable, tough and can withstand day to day rough usage.

Examination gloves large sizeExamination gloves large size

disposable medical hand gloves disposable medical hand gloves

pack of 100 gloves pack of 100 gloves

Micro-Textured Surface

Exam gloves have a micro-textured surface to provide a secure grip while performing delicate tasks.

Soft and Smooth Gloves

Exam gloves are designed to provide a soft and smooth feel to the hand, and yet maintain the desired elasticity to prevent any tears.

Natural White Color

Sourced from Natural rubber latex, these gloves boast a natural off-white color which distingue them from the rest of the market.

surgical glovessurgical gloves

medical gloves pack of 100medical gloves pack of 100

Beaded Cuffs

These disposable gloves come with beaded cuffs to enable easy wear and removal.

Gloves are 4 millimeters thick and do not tear easily without any insertion from a sharp object.

Alitmun latex glovesAlitmun latex gloves

Disposable Gloves

These are Single Use Gloves, Hence Disposable.Non-Sterile, so also suitable for day-to-day activities.These Gloves can be worn in either left or right hand as these are Ambidextrous.These Gloves are indeed a jewel in the Hand, As it prevents the transfer of Germs and Bacteria from other people and substances.Used in Hospitals, Medical Labs, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Kitchens, Salons, and many more.

SUPERIOR GLOVES – These are High Strength Gloves which can withstand day to day rough usage, They also provide greater elasticity for a comfortable and effortless experience.
SPECIFICATION – 100 Hand Gloves | Medium Size | Natural White Color | Non-Sterile | Alitmun Brand
Alitmun Latex Examination Gloves have beaded cuffs for easy wear and removal and also offer a smooth surface and a secure grip.
Gloves have a close fitting to hand which enhances precision during usage.
THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING – Convenient Dispenser Box Pack for keeping the Gloves clean and Organized while also maintaining the Hygiene of the Medical Gloves.
USES – These Gloves are Ambidextrous and can be worn in both left or right hand. These are also disposable and therefore suitable for all types of work in Hospitals, Laboratory, Homes, Factories, Salons, Restaurants, Clinics etc.