Nivia Weight Lifting Bar Strap with Wrist Supporter for Gym, Powerlifting, Strength Training for Men & Women, Bar Straps for Deadlifting, Gym Equipment for Workout, Neoprene Padded Strap (Red/Black)

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Weight Lifting Wrist SupportWeight Lifting Wrist Support

Nivia Weight Lifting Wrist Support is good and helps with the grip issue while deadlifting and other exercises. It helps a lot in lifting heavy weights. You can use it for lifts like deadlift, T-bar row, and Lat pulls down, basically in pulling movements and it’s also comfortable on your wrist.

Adjustable StrapAdjustable Strap

Thick Padded for Ultimate ComfortThick Padded for Ultimate Comfort

Comfort Skin friendly & soft MaterialComfort Skin friendly & soft Material

Neoprene MaterialNeoprene Material

Adjustable Strap

Adjustable Strap insures firm support to the wrist and you can comfortably perform weightlifting at home and the gym

Thick Padded For Ultimate Comfort

Weightlifting wrist support, that is designed with added padding for maximum comfort during weightlifting or other physical activities

Comfort Skin friendly & soft Material

Wrap-around design and loop closing system ensure easy wearing and removal.

Neoprene Material

It’s Long lasting, Neoprene material that lasts longer.

Weight Lifting Wrist SupportWeight Lifting Wrist Support

Nivia Sportho products are perfect for various activities such as running, biking, basketball, hiking, football, soccer, volleyball, badminton, weightlifting, golf, Gym Fitness Training, and other sports, and exercise. They are the best companion for your workouts and daily activities

Nivia SportsNivia Sports

We have added extra thick neoprene padding on each strap to avoid crazy blisters around your wrists
Increases traction and lifting safety while cushioning and protecting
Perfect for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Strength Training, Calisthenics,Working Out, Bodyweight, Gym, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Rowing, Chin Ups, and more
These weightlifting straps will keep your grip tight even with sweat involvement and the fabric won’t allow them to get loose
Sold as a PAIR