4700BC Gourmet Popcorn, Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate, Tin, 150g

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Welcome to the FUTURE OF SNACKING! Tired of the traditional snacking industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to disrupt it. You can BLAME US for your new obsession. With our wide range of snacks, including Gourmet Popcorn, Crunchy Corn, Protein Pops, Chips+, Seasoning, Microwave Popcorn, Instant Popcorn, Makka, Sweet Corn, and Classic Popcorn, there is something for everyone.


Gourmet Popcorn

You can Blame Us for your new obsession after you try our Gourmet Popcorn!

Gift boxes, Combo Boxes, Nutty Tuxedo PopcornGift boxes, Combo Boxes, Nutty Tuxedo Popcorn


Explore the new expression of gifting with our Gifting Range.



Upgrade to the future with Chips+, they have 60% less Fat and 20% lesser calories

Crunchy cornCrunchy corn

Crunchy Corn

The CRUNCHIEST a corn can be!

Sea Salt Protein PopsSea Salt Protein Pops

Protein Pops

Makhana redefined so you can rediscover the magic of this age-old snack!

Microwave BarbequeMicrowave Barbeque

Ready to Cook Popcorn

Pop it at home so you can relish it Hot and Fresh

Sweet cornSweet corn

Sweet Corn

Carry on with Sweet Corn. The most convenient snack to exist


Makka Popcorn

Say hello to Guilt-Free Snacking with 4700BC’s Makka!

Why’s our name 4700BC?

The oldest evidence of popcorn was found in the ancient caves of Peru in 4700BC! However, while we started off with Popcorn, we’ve now diversified into a variety of products.

What makes our products unique?

Our products redefine the game, with top-tier quality and in exceptional packaging for an unparalleled experience.

Why are we obsessed with what we do?

We love food and all that comes with it. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to shake things up. And we won’t stop until we fulfil our passion of introducing our world to new snacking experiences.

Nutty Tuxedo is the perfect flavour for when you want to shake things up a little!
It is coated with three layers of chocolate and sprinkled luxuriously with roasted almonds.
Our Gourmet Popcorn is packed in a premium tin, which can be reused and repurposed for anything! Not only does it keep the popcorn fresh, it also doubles as the perfect holder for anything and everything.
Certified Non-GMO corn. Cholesterol, Trans-fat, and Gluten free. No MSG. Jumbo Popcorn.
*The design of the tin may vary depending on the availability