Storio Sit and Bounce Rubber Hop Jumping & Bouncing Ball for Boys Girls Toys | Indoor & Outdoor | Best Gift Balls for Kids -Big (Size 56cm / 22 Inch,Multicolour)

Active Fun: This Bouncing ball toy is all about active play! Kids can hop, bounce, and jump around, getting their bodies moving while having a blast.
Balance and Coordination: Hopping on the ball helps children develop balance and coordination skills. It’s a fun way to improve motor skills and body control.
Safe and Sturdy: This Bouncing ball toy is made from durable materials, ensuring it can withstand hours of playtime. It features a reliable and secure design, providing a safe bouncing experience.
Indoor and Outdoor Play: Whether it’s bouncing around in the living room or playing outside in the backyard, this bouncing ball is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. It offers versatile fun, rain or shine. Easy to Use: The Bouncing Ball is designed for hassle-free fun! Simply grip the sturdy handle, hop onto the ball, and let the bouncing adventures begin. It’s easy to get the hang of, making it accessible and enjoyable for kids of various skill levels.
Solo or Group Play: The Bouncing ball toy can be enjoyed alone or with friends. Kids can have solo bouncing adventures or engage in friendly hopping competitions, promoting social interaction and active play together. Imaginative Play: The Bouncing Ball sparks imagination and creativity as kids invent their own games and challenges. Get ready to bounce, explore, and let your imagination soar with the Hop Ball!
Perfect Size and Maximum Limit Weight:55cm/22 in in diameter. Maximum limit weight of 100kg/200 pounds.Upto Age group 10-12 years.
Strong&Durable Hopper Ball: Using high-quality thicked materials with good elasticity, durable and strong. Single loop handle with grips for a firm secure grasp, kids can bounce it safely.