Zulaxy Photo Frame Hooks for Wall Without Drilling, 10 Pack Self Adhesive Hooks for Wall Heavy Duty Strong Nail Free for Hanging Photo Frame (Hanging Hook, Transparent) Stainless Steel

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zulaxy brand story

zulaxy brand story

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Making every day extraordinary. Elevate your surroundings with our game-changing home improvement innovations #ZulaxyLiving

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zulaxy brand story logo

Established in 2016, Zulaxy has been my brainchild, aimed at revolutionizing the way we live at home. With a keen focus on blending style and practicality, Zulaxy brings forth innovative home improvement solutions, transforming houses into personalized havens. Our commitment to simplicity and sophistication ensures that every space becomes an oasis of comfort and style, making everyday living an extraordinary experience.

– Keerthan

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We make home improvement as easy as Sunday morning! Our secret? A sprinkle of innovation, a dash of style, and a whole lot of smiles. Our products aren’t just unique; they’re your home’s new BFFs – making life easier, one happy corner at a time! #ZulaxyMagic

Why we love what we do?

We’re in the business of turning ‘Ugh, Monday’ into ‘Aha, Monday!’ Why do we love it? Because making your home smile is our favorite workout. It’s not a job; it’s a joy! #ZulaxyLove


Turning ordinary chores into extraordinary laughs – because a funny home is a happy home!

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zulaxy life

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Cheers to a home filled with Zulaxy magic! May your spaces be chic, your days be bright, and your laughs be endless.

PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA: The Zulaxy heavy quality Strong nail hook is proudly Made in India. The Zulaxy wall nail hooks has 33% more adhesion, so it is strong and lasts long.
STRONG & VERSATILE: Heavy duty hooks can hold up to 10 KG on smooth surface. These adhesive hooks can be used variously: coat hooks, key hooks, bathroom towel hooks.
WATERPROOF AND RUSTPROOF: The Zulaxy adhesive hooks are built sturdy enough to hold college student backpacks. The heavy-duty hooks and durable stainless steel construction of non-magnetic metal are corrosion-free, meaning it will last bathroom without rusting.
EASY TO USE: Wall hangers easily to clean and paste without surface damage, no need to nail and drill the wall, can be utilized repeatedly after cleaning and dry.
USE IT ANYWHERE: Widely used on a variety of surfaces, like Wood, Tile, Ceramic, Metal, Plastic Surface and more, especially great for for bathroom, kitchen, wall decor hooks, shower hooks indoor and outdoor hooks, towel hooks.